Security Industry Group and Security on Screen announce merger

Two of international security’s most influential online platforms have merged, uniting the deep community reach and social media strength of the Security Industry Group with the fast-paced, digital-first approach to news coverage pioneered by Security on Screen. Official as of April 2022, the merger is soon to be marked with the launch of a new website which will bring together the best of both platforms.

Founded in 2008 by well-known industry figure Maarten Mijwaart, the Security Industry Group is arguably the largest and most engaged community of security professionals on LinkedIn, with more than 145,000 members plus a regular newsletter going to some 45,000 recipients. Industry news and a wealth of information that is of interest to the group audience is posted at the group website

Security on Screen was created in 2020 by long-standing industry publisher Peter Mawson, who drew on his belief that more traditional B2B publishing would soon be outpaced by social media, video-led reporting and highly targeted digital marketing.

Combined, they offer unrivalled insight into the world of international security with breaking news, expert commentary and peer-to-peer discussion of the day’s biggest topics. Meanwhile, for brands they represent a formidable new route to market with access to an expansive and still growing audience plus the digital marketing and video expertise for which Security on Screen has become known.

“I could see the potential of Security on Screen as soon as it launched. And I’m delighted to now play key a role in how the platform grows and evolves. From the high production values of the Security on Screen studio to the use of digital marketing techniques such as targeted pay-per-click advertising, I believe it will bring a whole new dimension to the Security Industry Group,” said Maarten Mijwaart.

“There is simply no other online community in our industry with the reach or the respect that is commanded by the Security Industry Group, and I’m deeply honoured that Maarten has chosen to bring that strength to our new partnership,” said Peter Mawson. “We’re proud of what we have delivered so far with Security on Screen and very excited to show the industry what comes next.”

The merger has also spurred the creation of a new parent company, Security on Screen BV. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is jointly owned by Peter Mawson, who will lead the company as Managing Director, Maarten Mijwaart and Barney Jameson.


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