Security on Screen @ AMSTERGI

It was our great pleasure to be invited to AMSTERGI HQ, where we spoke to the Chief Commercial Officer, Anas Hassan and the Chief Sales Officer, Rohit Khubchandani and this is what we asked:

– What is the ethos of AMSTERGI and what is the history of the company?
– What has driven AMSTERGI to look into the security sector?
– How will the AMSTERGI brand be developed within the Middle East?
– What can we expect to see from AMSTERGI, product wise?
– Why would a systems integrator want to work with AMSTERGI?

AMSTERGI work with a number of established and successful companies, such as Avigilon, Leviton, Comelit, Western Digital, LS Cables, Delta, Rittal and Security Shells Infotech, among others.


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