Secury360 nominated for the 2023 Detektor International Award


Secury360 have revealed that the Secury360 Box has been nominated for the 2023 Detektor International Award. The Detektor International Award is a renowned award in the security industry that recognises products and technologies that excel in innovation and effectiveness.

The award is presented at the Detektor International Prize Ceremony, which this year takes place in Stockholm on Oct. 24. The event attracts security industry professionals from around the world and provides a platform for companies to showcase their groundbreaking products.

The Secury360 Box is an advanced device acts as an intelligent alarm system that can transform any camera surveillance system into a proactive perimeter detection solution

It can even run Video Management Software (VMS) such as NX, without the need for an additional PC. This means you can perform multiple tasks with one device, which is not only cost effective, but also saves space.


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