SIA publishes ‘snapshot’ profile of door supervision sector

Data from the SIA licensing system shows that the number of door supervisor licences and licence applications is the highest it has been in the last decade. Being the first report in a series of private security industry profiles undertaken by the SIA, responses to the survey suggest that some companies within the sector have found it difficult to recruit and retain door supervisors.

Responses indicated that the main barriers to retention are:

  • some door supervisors have found alternative work during the pandemic and are reluctant to return to the sector;
  • some who have previously worked as door supervisors are reluctant to come off furlough pay.

Responses to surveys undertaken by the SIA also indicated that barriers to recruitment and retention are:

  • low pay
  • unsociable hours
  • job insecurity
  • high levels of physical and verbal abuse, training costs
  • the licence application fee (application or renewal)

The full findings and data from this research can be found here.


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