Siemens and Telefónica Tech to offer smart building solutions

Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Telefónica Tech will be offering the Spanish market their services and solutions for smart buildings in one package.

The agreement is set to enable both companies to present a joint value proposition, including solutions for increasing physical security, monitoring and operational and energy efficiency, as well as user experience and the digitalisation of services where connectivity plays a leading role.

Siemens and Telefónica Tech will offer solutions set to protect buildings from fires, and monitor entry points and potential intrusions with closed-circuit television (CCTV), including the possibility of video analysis.

The partnership will also include other joint solutions related to optimisation such as smart lighting, environmental monitoring, predictive maintenance, de-escalation monitoring, smart parking, occupancy and capacity management, including audio-visual and space reservation solutions.


Siemens and Telefónica Tech will include technology in their portfolio to support companies in achieving their sustainability goals through solutions for optimising resources and reducing environmental impact. 

“The potential of uniting two portfolios with a clear focus on achieving communication, security and energy efficiency creates major opportunities for improving buildings and preparing them for the future,” says Fernando Silva, Director of Siemens Smart Infrastructure for Spain and Portugal.

“We are combining Telefónica’s expertise in communications with Siemens’ expertise in smart electric networks and building automation, to enable us to implement a comprehensive solution for the buildings of any private or public body.”

“This agreement with Siemens demonstrates Telefónica Tech’s potential as an integrator of solutions based on connectivity (in this agreement we offer our specialist knowledge in connectivity, physical security, IoT and Big Data) and provider of digital transformation for companies in their plans to become more sustainable organisations.

“Together we will make smart buildings even more advanced in order to promote, at the same time, energy efficiency and contribute to improving people’s lives”, explains Elena Gil, Global Director of IoT and Big Data Products and Business Operations at Telefónica Tech.


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