Siemens launches compact PA/VA solution

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has unveiled a compact version of its Cerberus Pace Modular public address voice alarm (PA/VA) solution. The manufacturer states that Cerberus Pace Modular and Compact offer a comprehensive PA/VA solution, which can be integrated with fire protection and danger management systems. 

“Thanks to the Cerberus Pace systems, the user can cover all public and voice alarm needs with a single solution” said Mario Kahlert, Head of Fire Safety at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “By sharing the same state of the art technology as the modular system, but addressing small and simple applications, the Cerberus Pace Compact enables extensive customisation and is a cost-efficient solution for customers.” 

The range of potential applications covers any situation which require PA/VA, including offices, hotels, airports, commercial facilities and educational buildings. As with the Modular system, Cerberus Pace Compact incorporates multiple redundancy levels and is also suitable for step-by-step modernisation of outdated systems. According to the manufacturer, the system’s professional sound quality and low latency enable clear communication, both in emergency situations and for day-to-day announcements or music.

Cerberus Pace Compact is available in two versions: Compact 400 and Compact 1000. Wall mounted, despite its comparatively small size, Cerberus Pace Compact offers power of up to 2,000W and an additional backup amplifier and pilot tone amplifier. Cerberus Pace systems are fully compliant with the EN 54-16 standard and local codes of practice in European countries. The systems can cover all redundancy, ensuring there is adequate back-up. To support the safety-first approach, both high performing and reliable systems stand for no single point of failure, thanks to distributed intelligence, where each network participant has a CPU that allows the device to be made independent.

Cerberus Pace comes with dedicated configuration software and real-time engineering. The system can be configured live, while it is running, reportedly without causing any interruption to day-to-day activities. No shut down is necessary for maintenance or to change the configuration, with remote access ensuring business continuity, whatever the environment. 

Cerberus Pace Compact can be combined with the Modular system using the same network and configuration tools to offer a wider choice of ancillary products (for example, amplifiers or audio matrix), while also enabling cost optimisation. In addition, both systems can be used for stepwise modernisations of older voice alarm systems (often using existing cabling), making it possible to futureproof the system to meet changing demands. Different connection options (loop, stub line, double stub lines, and even compatibility with star structures or T-taps) offer greater flexibility during the installation process.



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