Signal Dynamic launches Redcare alarm signalling system replacement; will showcase at The Security Event 2024

Signal Dynamic

Signal Dynamic has unveiled a new alarm signalling system as a replacement for BT’s Redcare service, which the security tech company will be showcasing at The Security Event 2024.

BT surprised the market in February by announcing the closure of its Redcare division in August 2025, leaving customers searching for an alternative alarm signalling solution.

As such, Signal Dynamic stepped in and believe that their platform is a key link between a home or business alarm system and an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where trained teams of security professionals help to keep premises safe.

If an intruder or fire alarm is triggered, the platform will send an instant alert to the ARC, so the team can investigate whether the threat is real or a false alarm. If the threat is genuine, the ARC team instantly alerts emergency services so they can respond to the incident.

With insurers often requiring policyholders to have a specific type, and grade, of alarm signalling system operating in their residential or commercial premises, Signal Dynamic believe that having a product choice in the market is of vital importance.

“The withdrawal of BT from the alarm signalling market will have come as a shock to the industry, which is now left with the dilemma of where to go for a replacement service,” Signal Dynamic Director, Chris Byrd, said. “It’s a really significant and important market.

“If you own a home or business, you want it to be safe and secure, and to know that, if anything does happen, you can count on an automatic and rapid response from trained professionals.

“Our platform is suitable for both residential and commercial premises, and provides an effective, robust and fully-compliant solution for intruder and fire signalling.

“At a time when the market is set to lose one of its two key players, we’re reassuring the security industry that a credible replacement is available to transition to and provide continuity.”

At The Security Event 2024, Signal Dynamic can be found on stand 5/P93. To read more news from The Security Event 2024, click here.


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