S&ST partners with Peter Park for parking management solutions

Munich-based Peter Park, a software developer of parking management solutions, has helped many parking operations begin to migrate to more sophisticated technologies by connecting different digital services such as payment apps, e-charging systems, and navigation providers to further increase the security and automation.

Instead of LPR cameras, the company is using new smart cameras with powerful microprocessors to fuel intelligent onboard analysis via multiple video analytics applications on the camera and based on an open IoT platform from Security & Safety Things, these cameras can be equipped and flexibly re-equipped with a variety of applications.

“We can not only use the best application for the computer vision task, but we can also pick and combine the best camera types of different suppliers for each setup, taking full use of the broad spectrum of different camera features, such as zoom control, as an example,” said Maximilian Schlereth, CEO and Co-Founder of Peter Park.

The reduction or elimination of parking gates and ticketing machines can have positive impacts on staffing levels within parking management and drastically reduce hardware purchase and maintenance costs of the parking gates and ticketing devices. 

Additionally, cameras outfitted with parking management apps can help to direct traffic flow by analysing the queue of vehicles waiting to enter the facility and pairing them to available spaces or recognising when a particular parking area is full. They can also assist in controlling the flow of traffic at peak times to prevent jams and long waits at exits or identify the vehicles of VIPs or season ticket holders at an event venue and route them accordingly to the appropriate parking lot. 

Learn more about Security & Safety Things and its open IoT platform for smart cameras here. More information on parking management video analytic applications available from S&ST’s Marketplace Application Store can be found here.


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