Suprema implements fingerprint algo to Samsung Galaxy S21

Suprema has supplied its display fingerprint recognition algorithm, BioSign 4.0, to the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones, with support from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Since its initial installation on Samsung Galaxy J5 models in 2017, BioSign has been supplied to other Samsung models, including the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy 20 and Galaxy Note 20 series.

BioSign 4.0 reportedly delivers enhanced speed and accuracy in comparison to its predecessor, BioSign 3.0. The algorithm can also employ deep-learning mechanisms to optimise fingerprint analysis to efficiently recognise rich fingerprint information obtained from the larger sensing area of the second-generation Qualcomm 3D Sensor Gen 2 installed in the Galaxy S21.

“Suprema’s fingerprint recognition technology has been continuously selected for the Samsung Galaxy S series, proving to the world the technological superiority of our solution,” said Brian Song, President of Suprema Inc.

“With the excellent reviews BioSign 4.0 has been receiving for its overpowering performance and user convenience, we expect to be able to grow sales and market share. Suprema will continue to advance our fingerprint and face recognition technologies using AI and deep learning, leading the biometrics market into the future.”


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