TDSi welcomes latest placement student to software development team


Integrated Access Control and Security manufacturer TDSi is pleased to announce its latest student placement, Cameron Lane. Cameron has joined the company’s Software Development Team for a twelve-month placement as part of his BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering studies at Bournemouth University.

TDSi has a proud history of supporting university placements and apprenticeships. Managing Director John Davies commented, “We are delighted to welcome Cameron to the TDSi team as our new placement student. Software Development is a key role within the access control and integrated security industry and one which is at the heart of what TDSi does, so our team will benefit from a fresh perspective and new ideas, whilst Cameron will also benefit from experiencing the demands and rewards of working in a business environment.”

The placement will offer Lane opportunities to gain practical and commercial experience, as he commented, “I was looking for an environment in which I would feel comfortable to learn and grow my knowledge and experience of industry standard practices within the Software Engineering field. After meeting the Development Team at TDSi during my interview, I knew that working alongside them would be a great experience for me and my career. I will be working on an array of projects, such has updating existing engines within the GARDiS software to add more functionality, writing unit tests to check my added parts are working the way they should, as well as supporting the team in testing and deployment of new projects.”

Cameron Lane has already gained a considerable amount of experience in software development as he explained, “I have worked on various projects over the last two years of my degree at Bournemouth University. This includes being part of a team that created a movie journal application, as well as part of a team that recently created a video game. I also participated in designing a software system alongside friends in the first year for the ‘Computing in Business’ exhibition held by the university, which various companies from around the country came to see our work on display.”

Working with Bournemouth University to provide student placements has proven to be highly fruitful for TDSi as well as the students, with previous student placement Vlad Radoi having now formally joined the TDSi Software Development team following his graduation this year. John Davies added, “We have a very active relationship with Bournemouth University and as well as supporting upcoming talent, it also adds valuable resources to our team, with fresh thinking and the latest skills which enables our products to remain market leading. Our Software Project Manager Tina Baker was also a Bournemouth University student and now heads up the software R&D team, which is a great example of the potential for these highly talented graduates to make a big impression on the security industry.”

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