Teledyne FLIR to showcase at Intersec 2024 


Teledyne FLIR will shine the spotlight on its end-to-end solutions for the security industry at Intersec 2024 (Dubai World Trade Centre, 16-18 January), focusing specifically on the latest thermal camera and radar technologies.

With FLIR solutions, customers can address issues such as intrusions and security breaches with complete confidence, empowering security personnel with the ability to detect, verify and report threats – fast.

From booth SA-J11, visitors to Intersec 2024 will discover innovations such as the FLIR ElaraTM DX series multispectral pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) thermal security camera, an advanced product that offers complete situational awareness in the most demanding environments.

Ideal for critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities, the Elara DX series – with its integrated thermal and visible light imagers – ensures operators can monitor expansive areas in total darkness, glaring light and adverse weather.

Also on display will be the FLIR FH series ID rugged multispectral fixed camera that again combines industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging for the reliable detection of intruders in perimeter security applications.

Able to detect and classify human and vehicle threats moving at high or low speeds, built-in convolutional neural network (CNN) analytics also serve to minimise false alarms and operational costs. Custom scheduling supports optimised coverage in any lighting condition.

A further showcase at Intersec will be the FLIR Elara R-290 compact commercial ground radar for the early detection and warning of intruders as part of a larger video surveillance system.

Radars are able to track targets in all weather and lighting conditions, providing position intelligence via dynamic mapping of intruders in real time. Offering simultaneous tracking of up to 32 targets, the Elara R-290 features a 90° field of view and up to 400m range for vehicle tracking and 200m for humans.

Elsewhere on the booth of Teledyne FLIR, visitors will discover government and defence fixed surveillance land systems such as the FLIR Ranger HDC MR high-definition, mid-range system for the accurate and reliable detection of illegal activities in challenging weather conditions, and the FLIR Ranger HDC MS long- range, pan-tilt multi-sensor system with various powerful daylight sensors (and optional laser range finder). The Ranger series of radar land systems will also be evident.

This comprehensive series spans short-, mid- and long-range radar solutions for perimeter surveillance, ground surveillance and target detection of vehicles, humans and drones.

Also worthy of mention is FLIR’s third-generation Thermal Fence virtual perimeter alert system, which uses IP thermal security cameras, video analytics software and various intrusion detection sensors to provide simultaneous threat detection and assessment.

The virtual Thermal Fence is a turnkey solution for integrating and displaying the status and feedback from all perimeter security sensors on a single convenient screen.


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