The big interview: Ahmad Shakora, Cloudera


Ahmad Shakora, Group VP of Emerging Markets at Cloudera, speaks to Security on Screen about Evolve 2023, which is a very exciting data conference that takes place on March 18 (additional information here)

Evolve is being seen as a ‘unique in-person event’ – what is going to make it so special?

There are several reasons. First, there are no expo halls or vast network of breakout rooms; instead, attendees will find curated sessions from various voices and private peer-to-peer sessions designed to give attendees exclusive access to best-in-class approaches and ideas.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from other data professionals, industry thought leaders, and technical innovators about the future of enterprise data strategy.

At Evolve Dubai, attendees will meet other leaders across the industry in a unique setting, ideal for personal conversations. In addition to traditional breakout sessions, you’ll be able to network at the exhibit hall and more.

Moreover, this event does not highlight a single specified company. Instead, Evolve is set to be a partner-driven event in collaboration with AWS, IBM, Intel, Dell Technologies, Red Hat, Accenture, Evalueserve, Magnoos, PUE, Techvista, Alfanar Digital Solutions, BBI and IDC Solutions.

We think this is an excellent opportunity to highlight partnerships, moving forward with a partner-centric approach making Evolve a unique in-person event.

How does the theme of Evolve align with the UAE’s aim to be more data-driven and strategic?

At Cloudera, we encourage companies to build a more data-driven approach by helping them break down their vast data into bite-sized, actionable insights to drive decision-making.

Through this event, we intend to highlight exactly that. And so do our partners. What we mean by that is – Evolve Dubai gives our partners and clients a platform and opportunity to share their stories and highlight the changes their businesses have gone through on their journey to becoming data-driven.

Moreover, our speakers will also share their success stories on how a data-driven culture has helped them achieve their organisational goals.

As part of its Digital Strategy 2025, the UAE aims to formulate a more data-driven and strategic approach. Evolve helps to educate more individuals and businesses about the capabilities and potential of data in decision-making and efficiency in business processes.

This would encourage organisations to adopt a more data-driven approach, changing the UAE’s data landscape, hence aligning with their goals.

There are a number of key speakers at the event, what made you pick them?

Evolve 2023 is aimed at IT and Business leaders dealing with the realities of data challenges in their businesses, including CIOs, CDOs, Data Architects, Data Practitioners and a line of business leaders.

Keeping that in mind, we have curated an agenda highlighting specific themes and topics that hold immense value in the industry, such as next-gen data architectures, transforming business with innovative architecture and technology solutions, and boosting enterprise data strategy.

In addition, we ensured that we had industry experts speaking on their areas of expertise and sharing insights on how to turn their business goals and visions into reality. The speakers at the event were chosen with that in mind.

With three break-out sessions planned, it certainly promises to be a comprehensive event. What is the main thing you want people to take from these sessions?

At Evolve 2023 Dubai, attendees can pick the sessions they think are most relevant to them and their businesses. They have choices between three interconnected tracks: Modern Architecture, Transformation and Discovery Labs.

The Modern Architectures session allows attendees to discover and explore creative data solutions that drive measurable outcomes. Attendees can hear stories of transformation from business processes to an entire industry in the Transformation sessions.

Lastly, the Discovery lab gives people the opportunity to experience “The Art of the Possible” with the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and Cloudera Partner Solutions.

When everyone has access to data and analytics, innovation can come from anywhere. Just think about it this way – imagine everyone in your organisation successfully leveraging data and analytics to create more innovative products and services that enable you to elude the competition, satisfy consumers, and build a game-changing reputation.

Businesses can construct a flexible technology ecosystem that allows them to quickly and efficiently uncover new ideas, test them and promptly put them into practice. Imagine making this vision a reality. Evolve 2023 Dubai will help you achieve just that!


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