The big interview – Odette Malkoun, Milestone Systems


Odette Malkoun, Area Manager at Milestone Systems, speaks to Security on Screen about her experiences with her current company, how she has dealt with being a woman in the security sector and what her ambitions are

How long have you been with Milestone Systems and in what capacity?

My journey at Milestone began over eight and a half years ago as a Channel Business Manager. My responsibilities initially involved overseeing operations in the Levant and Egypt region, covering four countries.

I expanded my territory and built our portfolio to 12 countries, including Morocco, Iraq and Greece. Last year, I was promoted to Area Manager for North Africa and the Levant. I am proud to lead the region’s channel sales team now.

What attracted you to work in the security industry?

The security sector provides a dynamic and thrilling atmosphere that is constantly evolving by introducing innovative solutions and technologies.

With over 12 years of experience in the video surveillance industry, I have had the privilege of witnessing remarkable progress. The impact of an Open Platform Video Management Software, such as Milestone’s XProtect, is truly awe-inspiring. It unlocks limitless opportunities, enabling video to transcend traditional security applications.

Personally, I have found great joy in exploring the diverse range of possibilities for video, revealing its potential beyond what is typically anticipated.

How do you find the working environment at Milestone?

I feel immense gratitude for securing a place at Milestone Systems. It is a company that genuinely upholds its values and prioritizes employee well-being.

The pillars of respect and trust are deeply engraved in our work culture, creating an exceptional and enjoyable environment. Our leadership team values cultural diversity and seeks to hire individuals from various backgrounds, fostering inclusivity.

Moreover, even in terms of the work Milestone promotes, our team highly values technology’s ethical and responsible use, fostering innovation in every aspect possible.

What ambitions do you have within the security sector?

Promoting women’s participation in the security industry and establishing a “women in security” community is a goal that holds deep personal significance for me.

The representation of women in the technology field, especially in the Middle East, remains limited, and the numbers are even more scarce within the security industry.

Consequently, there is a need for more role models for aspiring women professionals to aspire to. Through establishing this community, I aim to cultivate a safe and supportive space where women can openly share their experiences, offer career advice, and ultimately work towards normalising the presence of women in meeting rooms and on-stage during industry events.

By doing so, we can inspire and empower more women to pursue successful careers in the security industry, breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future.

Do you feel the security industry is welcoming towards women?

When viewed from a particular perspective, the security industry is largely male-dominated, often resulting in situations where women are the only female in the room.

However, it is essential to note that this does not necessarily translate to an unwelcoming environment for women, particularly in sales roles. I have experienced a sense of acceptance and inclusion when visiting our partners and customers in the region.

I often find that I can establish trust-based relationships more quickly than my male colleagues. This signifies that the industry can be receptive to women, providing them opportunities to excel and contribute effectively in their roles.


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