The Big Interview: ValiCor US Founder and CSO, John Kilmer


ValiCor US uses advanced AI to thoroughly analyse a subject’s psychological makeup in order to provide a reliable objective information that informs their future actions. It empowers clients with the emotional intelligence technology they need to make better decisions for a smarter living and working. Here, we speak to founder and CSO, John Kilmer.

Who is Valicor US and what exactly are you bringing to market?

I founded ValiCor US with a passion to help people express and understand their emotions with honesty and accuracy. Current facial recognition technologies are flawed because they have no true validation behind their process and coding systems.

I realised that there was a human need for an objective and trusted emotional illustration tool so users could identify and manage their emotions effectively. ValiCor US uses proprietary methodology and software to reduce flaws in facial recognition technology, provide validated and baseline solutions for emotional intelligence, improve accuracy in emotional profiling, and to help people see and manage their emotions in real-time.

ValiCor US technology has the potential to correct inaccurate emotional profiles and assessments, and in doing so, save billions of dollars across multiple industries and markets as well as improve millions of people’s lives.

What’s the background of the core team delivering the solution?

I am Managing Member, plus our Chief Strategy Officer, and have more than 15 years of experience starting, running, growing early-stage start-ups in SaaS industry and non-profits.

Dale Archer, our Chief Operating Officer has more than 20 years’ experience executing startup strategy with operational resilience and sustainability. He builds and influences stakeholder relationships to ensure long term success.

And finally, Marcos Bronfman is our Chief Financial Officer, and he is an experienced vice president with a demonstrated history in the financial services industry.

Emotional Intelligence technology is a niche area for some – can you provide an overview of what your HEAT product offers?

HEAT stands for Human Emotion Analysis Technology, which identifies human expressions we cannot see with the human eye.

HEAT is emotional intelligence (EI) technology that uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to compute, identify, and organize facial expressions, body language, and human emotions correctly and more efficiently. Self-honesty and self-integrity.

HEAT uses a coding system to identify facial and bodily expressions to estimate the probability facial expressions match emotions. Together, human expressions form emotional sequences and patterns indicating a person’s real-time or recorded emotional conditions.

HEAT illustrates a person’s emotions with simple, easy to use graphics to better understand and use EI at individual, group, and societal levels.

HEAT generates emotional profiles across the most common emotions called the “Big Six” including happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, anger.

What’s the difference between the ValiCor US approach versus more traditional Facial Recognition providers?

ValiCor has indirect competitors and seeks to capture the scale, value, and user usage like Azure (Microsoft) and Watson (IBM) do with its own value proposition and competitive advantage via its proprietary technology and approach. However, ValiCor US knows that its HEAT has “blue ocean” strategy opportunities as robust ‘emot tech’ does not exist yet.

To create additional value and scaling potential through “co-opetition,” ValiCor US is partnering with other key founders/startups working adjacent to the ‘emot’ technology space through joint R&D and data sharing.

Who should engage with you to learn more about the solution, who can gain the most from deploying the software?

Contact John Kilmer; use email address [email protected] or the contact us button on our website.

HEAT should be used by any person and business desiring to strengthen their EQ and understand the EQ of others.

How do you see the ValiCor market entry disrupting the sector and the plethora of analytic software tools for security systems that already exist in the market today?

The ~$2B polygraph market could be upended with ValiCor’s technology, which offers non-evasive, non-contact, virtual vs. in-person recordings, and speaker identification up to ~300 people as well as data archival analysis and profiling.

Diagnostic support for PTSD/I and behavioural health support for millions of people suffering emotional trauma across civilian and military sectors.

Real-time risk and threat analysis with related command/control decision-making enhances ability to determine risk/threat accuracy along with emotion profiling and condition comparative analysis.

Insurance underwriting and legal depositions increase their ability to determine emotional data accuracy with deception detection.

It also provides an enhanced enterprise tool for corporate espionage experts to better identify fraud, theft, interception, or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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