The Manufacturer webinars: “Navigating risks and ensuring safety in supply chains” and “Building sustainable factories of the future”

The Manufacturer Webinars

The Manufacturer magazine, ahead of the trade show Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week (organised by The Nineteen Group), is inviting security professionals to two upcoming webinars, one taking place on July 15 and the other on July 24.

The first webinar is titled “Building Sustainable Factories of the Future”, taking place on Monday, July 15 at 11:00 BST, and it offers “a deep dive into the future of the factory and how we can collectively tackle its challenges”. It will feature automation expert and Hannover Messe keynote speaker Fiona Treacy, who will be exploring the opportunities and evolving challenges of factories of the future.

The webinar will explore areas such as artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge computing, which have had wide-ranging impact on various industries, with the advancement of these transformative technologies being expedited by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now, technology has the opportunity to influence the Industrial sector in turn.

The webinar will also focus on how, in the near future, addressing global issues like industrial waste, energy demands, supply chain management, and skills shortages will require substantial innovation and collaboration. Technology plays a vital role in surmounting these challenges, by redefining the future landscape of manufacturing processes.

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On Wednesday July 24 at 14:00 BST will be The Manufacturer’s next insightful webinar; “Navigating risks and ensuring safety in supply chains” where the panel will share actionable strategies and innovations “to fortify your supply chain against potential threats”.

This webinar is said to be ideal for finance, procurement, supply chain and risk management executives across all industries of the manufacturing sector, this webinar is for those who are responsible for operational efficiency, strategic decision-making, and risk management.

“Whether you’re aiming to enhance your current strategies or seeking new tools to address emerging challenges, this session will provide ideas and insights specific to your needs,” the invitation says.

Key Takeaways for this seminar will include:

  • Understand Modern Supply Chain Risks: Gain a better understanding of the complex risks facing supply chains today and learn how they could impact your operations.
  • Effective Mitigation Strategies: Equip yourself with proven strategies to protect your supply chain from disruptions and maintain your brand’s integrity.
  • Leverage Advanced Tools: Discover the latest tools and technologies that enhance visibility, traceability, and proactive risk management.
  • Enhance Agility and Flexibility: Learn how to build a supply chain that can adapt swiftly to changes and recover from disruptions with minimal impact.

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