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Secure Logiq

Secure Logiq, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of servers, workstations and client machines optimised for HD Surveillance and Video Analytics applications, is taking a stand (5/P75) at The Security Event this year. In this exclusive interview with Co-Founder Robin Hughes, we hear all about what visitors can expect from the show, including “not-to-be-missed” immersive and interactive live demonstrations.

What can visitors expect from you at the show? Why should they visit your stand?

RH: “This year we have gone all out with our biggest stand(s) ever and we are delighted to host the Power of Partnerships: Intelligent Integration. We will be joined by a selection of Technology Partners with a ‘not to be missed’ immersive and interactive live demonstration. Our innovative presentation will focus on how selecting best of breed hardware and software for all components of an enterprise electronic security system can deliver outstanding results. It will also highlight the variety of features and benefits not available when selecting a proprietary end-to-end solution.

“Alongside Secure Logiq’s specialist server technology, our partners on the booth will include 360 Vision Technology, IntelexVision, Lenel, Milestone Systems and VCA, all working seamlessly together live in a real-world setting.”

Can we expect any announcements from you at the show?

RH: “The quality of the enterprise partners we work with on a daily basis is almost an announcement in itself, many industry colleagues are unaware of just how far reaching our technology partnership community is nor the relationships we have with almost every Enterprise Industry partner in the Electronic Security arena . There is a really special element to our stand that truly demonstrates the ‘cause and effect’ of various security breach scenarios but exactly what that is is a closely guarded secret at the moment so you will just have to visit to find out (and be wowed!).”

What do you feel you are offering that sets you aside from your competitors?

RH: “In a sentence, pre- and post-sales support at a level not seen before in the industry. Essentially, what we sell is intrinsically boring, however an integral part of every Enterprise CCTV system in the field, is the engine that runs the solution. Our vast knowledge of not just the IT hardware element of the solution but the entire ecosystem being deployed allows us to create optimised designs not available from an IT centric server company. First and foremost we are video people and our customers know that and trust us.”

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

RH: “TSE has always been a fantastic event for us always giving us a quantified return on investment. Personally I’m really looking forward to our ‘Big reveal’ I think it’s going to keep us and our stand buzzing all week!!!”

In addition to it’s Power of Partnerships stand at The Security Event, Secure Logiq has commissioned Security on Screen to create an identical digital twin, a virtual stand, which enables those interested to tour the stand ahead of the show. Take a look, here.

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