TISO release new BLDC motors for turnstiles


TISO have unveiled new BLDC motors, otherwise known as BMDrive, which are suitable for any type of turnstile or speed gate. BMDrive motors are brushless DC motors, which means that they operate with less friction and noise compared to traditional brushed DC motors.

This ensures a longer service life and more reliable operation. In addition, BMDrive motors are highly efficient, providing higher power output with lower energy consumption. This means lower operating costs for turnstiles and greater environmental efficiency.


Higher duration of work BMDrive – a reliable mechanism with a powerful BLDC motor-reducer ensures trouble-free operation for a long period

Self-diagnostics of the BMDrive mechanism – The smart self-diagnostic system of the BMDrive mechanism automatically analyses the system, detects critical malfunctions, writes a log of errors and warnings

Ease of setting up the mechanism – The BMDrive mechanism controller is equipped with an OLED display for simple adjustment and configuration of the mechanism without the use of special programmers.

Security sensors – Digital control of the force and speed of movement of the leaf in combination with safety sensors allows to prevent a person from being hit by the leaf

BMDrive motors have been developed by TISO engineers to improve turnstiles operation functions, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with existing systems.

They are also equipped with advanced features such as overload protection and breakdown detection, ensuring safe and reliable operation even in challenging environments.

One of the advantages of BLDC motors is high efficiency, which can reach 90-95%. This means that the motor uses less energy to do the same job compared to traditional brushed motors.

With BMDrive motors, TISO turnstiles are even more efficient and reliable than ever before. So, whether you manage a busy transport hub, a high-security facility or a commercial building, TISO turnstiles with BMDrive motors are the perfect solution for your access control needs.

The use of collectorless motors allows to achieve high accuracy and speed of opening the turnstile and also reduces the level of noise and vibration.


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