Total IA and Amulet Hotkey partner up to launch zero-client laptop

Total IA (TIA), in association with collaborative partner Amulet Hotkey, have launched the UK-designed Manticore Zero Client Laptop. As an output from their combined research, the zero-client laptop design and manufacture adheres to NCSC CPA and is available as a TEMPEST variant to deliver a secure PCoIP based zero-client solution.

“We aim to closely support organisations worldwide as they begin to implement or enhance structured, reliable and proven Information Assurance capabilities which protect sensitive information storage and use,” said David G Watson MBE, Managing Director of Total IA Ltd.

“This is particularly relevant for secure home-working for Defence and Government users. We are delighted to be working with Amulet Hotkey and their superb team to deliver the new and exciting zero-client capability which will transform the secure cloud landscape for Defence & Government users.”

“This exciting collaboration with the team at Total IA delivers the benefits and value of Amulet Hotkey’s existing zero client products in an exciting new form-factor specifically designed to meet the needs of Defence and Government users,” added Stewart Holness, Executive Chairman of Amulet Hotkey Ltd.


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