Transform your IP video network with the new barox Network Management plug-in for Genetec


barox Kommunikation AG has released a new Genetec DMS plug-in that provides flexibility and extended user control, as well a significant reduction in security network support costs.  The plug-in is fully integrated with the Genetec Security Center Omnicast VMS interface.

An IP-based VMS, Genetec Omnicast offers a clear picture of events, affording quick response and informed decision making. Its flexible architecture and efficient streaming reduces storage and lightens network load, making it easy to unify video with access control, intrusion, and more.

With easy integration for deep barox Ethernet switch/network control, the new Genetec DMS plug-in reinforces barox’s ethos of offering advanced network solutions that are tailored to the needs of the modern video security market.

Unique in the CCTV marketplace, barox’s Ethernet switch integration via their DMS network monitoring tool, greatly extends Genetec Omnicast VMS user control functionality.

Using barox DMS diagnostics, the ability to identify and resolve network, device and cable issues, has the potential to dramatically reduce support calls, problem-resolving engineering site visits and costs, for Genetec installers and customers.

The barox Genetec plug-in allows users to directly manage all IP devices on their security network, including the facility for an Operator to be able to ‘remote reboot’ any non-responsive IP device.

Using the barox plug-in, users can gain direct access to the full range of barox Ethernet switch benefits, including Active Camera Monitoring, PoE monitoring, Active PoE Power-up Management and Non-Stop PoE.

Along with barox plug-in integration dramatically reducing engineering support costs, additionally, barox network switches also act as ‘health centres’ for other devices on the network, such as cameras and access control panels.  

With access to advanced barox switch functionality, installers and operators can better manage their security network and connected devices.

barox switches network management provides a live graphical overview of network topology with a host of invaluable network information. 

For example, if a network camera fails to respond, barox switches network management enables any device to be selected and a re-boot command sent.  

barox switches network management tools include PoE monitoring, cable diagnostics and remote switch traffic monitoring, where live data traffic is shown on a graphical chart. Being able to see the traffic on each port makes it easier to diagnose errors and outages remotely.

Other essential barox switches network management user benefits include cyber security features, such as authentication certificate login, 100Mbits – 1000Mbits jumbo frames, to ensure camera frames are not lost, and periodic auto camera ‘ping’ to check and report their status.

Cyber-security breaches can be detected too, and ports automatically shut down, instantly, to neutralise any threat and keep the network safe from attack.

“We are delighted to partner with Genetec and to be launching our powerful barox switches network management Genetec plug-in.” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “This proactive ‘game changing’ monitoring tool, provides real value and cost saving benefits to integrators and end users alike, not to mention reducing health and safety risks by alleviating the need for fault diagnostic visits to site.

“This advanced integration capability sets barox apart from other switch manufacturers, firmly establishing barox as an international brand. We are proud to deliver the benefits of simple device integration, advanced functionality, product quality and performance, all backed with local customer support.

“This announcement with Genetec is a major step forward on our product roadmap and we have many other new developments in the pipeline.  It’s very much a case of ‘watch this space’ industry for barox’s next big move.”


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