TSA publishes new roadmap for improving air cargo security

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published its five-year vision for modernising, streamlining, and further securing air cargo transportation operations. Titled the Air Cargo Security Roadmap, the publication is designed to help TSA and air cargo industry stakeholders identify and address emerging threats and ensure the efficient flow of commerce.

“I am proud of the work and collaboration that led to this roadmap for improving the security of our nation’s air cargo system,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “When we collectively work toward common goals with unified purpose, we tend to achieve greater results.”

The new roadmap aligns with the TSA Strategy (2018-2026) and the Administrator’s Intent 2.0. To achieve the roadmap’s goals and objectives, TSA will continue to leverage innovative air cargo screening technologies and modernise our policies to reflect best practices in security.

TSA develops roadmaps and implementation plans to articulate a common vision for the TSA enterprise and our partners. The roadmap’s themes and objectives align with the Administrator’s Intent, and the broad goals for air cargo security seek to:

  • Advance the capabilities for enhanced, risk-based screening
  • Expand knowledge and information sharing between TSA and industry
  • Enhance the air cargo industry’s technology posture to support security enhancing innovation within the supply chain
  • Modernise air cargo policy to adapt with new technologies, flex with changing dynamics in the supply chain and address new threats.

 For more information, read the Air Cargo Security Roadmap.


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