TXOne Networks’ Stellar wins 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award


TXOne Networks has announced that its Stellar solution has been named a 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award winner in the Endpoint Detection category.

Stellar is proven for ensuring digital safety for operational technology (OT) endpoints for organisations across a wide variety of industries, including semiconductors, retail, oil and gas, banking and pharmaceuticals.

Leveraging Cyber-Physical System Detection and Response (CPSDR) to prevent all unexpected system changes before they impact operations, Stellar is the first solution to offer seamless protection with complete oversight for legacy and new OT assets running side by side.

The Business Intelligence Group’s annual Fortress Cyber Security Awards program identifies and rewards the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers. A proprietary scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains as judged by business executives.

TXOne Networks’ Stellar solution consists of an agent that works with a company’s OT assets and a centralised management console that streamlines the use of those assets.

A comprehensive OT context-focused database, which TXOne Networks maintains in partnership with leading device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allows the accurate identification and preservation of more than 8,000 OT/industrial control system (ICS) applications, certificates and operations, to achieve the best balance between performance and detection rate. Stellar delivers OT-native complete protection, including:

  • Industrial-grade, next-generation antivirus to secure ICS for continuous operations
  • Operations behaviour-anomaly detection to prevent malware-free attacks
  • Operation lockdown to ensure operational integrity, reduce the chance of downtime and cut the cost of resilience (which is especially valuable for “unpatchable” systems
  • Trusted control of USB devices to protect against their unauthorised access

“We appreciate the respect from the Business Intelligence Group’s Fortress Cyber Security Award voters,” said Terence Liu, chief executive officer of TXOne Networks. “We designed Stellar to uniquely detect behavioural anomalies and quickly determine operational credibility via an expansive library of ICS applications and certificates and lock down fixed-use and legacy systems with trust lists.

“OT operations are primary centrse of business-value generation and companies in varied industries around the world today rely on Stellar to conduct smooth oversight and incident response over their new and old OT endpoints.”


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