UK boosts cyber safety for Central America

On 20th May, the UK government and the non-profit organisation Get Safe Online organised a virtual seminar for authorities and technical experts on cybersecurity on cyber risks and options to mitigate them.

Over 35 participants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras discussed best practices to increase cybersecurity and common risks caused by the increasingly virtual work environment around the world.

The discussion focused on the role of the individual in protecting their personal data and the data of their organisations. Questions were raised on instant messaging applications, best practices on performing backups, and methods to avoid identity theft, amongst other issues.

This activity is in line with the UK’s global priority to promote and protect the long-term future of a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace, managed by multiple stakeholders, driving economic growth and underpinning national security.

The UK is committed to ensuring that international law is respected in cyberspace and is currently working with partners to show how international law applies to changes in technology and the associated threats, as well as to counter the systemic attempts to render the internet a lawless space.


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