UK sets out its future defence plans

The UK is set to invest an extra £24 billion in defence and spend £210 billion on equipment programmes over the next decade. The figures were announced as part of the country’s Integrated Review of security, defence, development and foreign policy.

The Integrated Review has also seen the creation of a Counter-Terrorism Operations Centre, the establishment of a cross-government Situation Centre in the Cabinet Office and a move for the National Cyber Force to the cyber corridor in the North West of England.

“The Integrated Review is modernising Defence to counter future threats and promote our interests and values in a more competitive age,” said UK Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace. “The Defence Paper will detail the new ways of operating and modern capabilities required to deliver on this vision and support our partners and allies around the world.”

Defence will also benefit from the UK government’s £14.6 billion investment into research and development and science and technology, using it to influence new designs and capabilities for vital equipment. The Department will spend at least £6.6 billion on research and development over the next four years.



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