United Cloud selects Verimatrix XTD for Mobile App Protection


Verimatrix have announced that United Cloud will deploy Verimatrix Extended Threat Defence (XTD) technologies to further strengthen protections for its flagship TV 2.0 platform widely popular under the brand name EON TV.

United Cloud as an innovation centre that develops world-class products and solutions for the telecommunications and media businesses, harnessing Verimatrix cybersecurity solutions to protect OTT streaming applications.

TV 2.0 processes more than 50,000 video assets and is consumed through more than 1.5 million devices every day, so as such, its Android and iOS OTT streaming applications can benefit from code polymorphism and obfuscation through XTD technologies.

The implementation will help to consistently counteract static analysis of the application’s code via control flow, arithmetic and symbol obfuscation as well as section and string encryption. The bolstered security will also provide the confidence that content owner protection requirements are met or exceeded.

“Our dedication in delivering an exceptional streaming experience via our flagship TV 2.0 platform with top-notch security has driven us to join forces with Verimatrix. It is obvious that the company not only understands the unique needs of the media & entertainment space, but it is also a heavily trusted expert in both app protection and mobile threat defence – the perfect mix for our business, ” said Sergej Berisaj, CTO United Cloud.

“As streaming platforms face mounting threats from cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and disrupt operations, comprehensive code protection and threat monitoring are absolutely essential,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO at Verimatrix. “By choosing XTD, United Cloud is taking a proactive stance to harden defenses and ensure business continuity.

“XTD provides a robust shield around the core app code to neutralise even zero-day threats, and it empowers customers to detect and respond to new types of endpoint threats.

“This powerful, multi-layered security enables United Cloud to confidently scale their platform with peace of mind. We are thrilled to welcome them as the newest member of the Verimatrix XTD customer family.”

To learn more about Verimatrix’s full suite of cybersecurity solutions for apps, visit: www.verimatrixcybersecurity.com.


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