The Big Interview: Javier Arrospide, CEO, USB Lock RP


USB Lock RP by Peru-based Advanced Systems International is a robust USB device control software solution designed to centrally manage USB removable storage drives, mobile devices and wireless adapters to servers, workstations and laptops in a network. In this interview we speak to team leader and CEO Javier Arrospide about the product and latest developments.

What impact are you having on the market, generally speaking? What can you offer that competitors cannot?

JA: At USB Lock RP we offer unique solutions for data protection, and advanced USB control features that can be found nowhere else on the market today. These include:

Totally autonomous device control – The licensed organisation has full, independent control over the software operation. The solution does not require internet or any other external access, has no internal dependencies and it’s permanently licensed. Moreover, it allows lets users recover licenses from unused machines.

Active control – Management can be set to automatically operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and while no administrator is logged in to the device control console.

Large network-ready – Proven capability is 7500 endpoints managed from a single administrative console.

Superior visibility – Its slick user interface gives a bird’s eye view over the network, connected devices, security status and events at a glance.

Consistent, advanced encryption – All events presented by the admin interface are always stored using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. Essentially, logged data is only ever readable when reports are created.

Real-time USB control and visibility – All policy settings are imparted and enforced without delay. This is rare as most other solutions operate a more passive policy.

Personalised device control – The software is delivered personalised and certified to the licensing organisation, and all alerts presented at endpoint workstations show the licensed organisation logo. Customers can also choose a custom message to present here too.

Automatic authorisation mode – This unique feature can be set to automatically a acquire device’s ID and approve it upon connection. This can help IT infrastructure engineers control USB access easily, while not disrupting normal operations.

Auditable USB control – USB Lockdown blocking screens, which appear at endpoint workstations make it easy for security auditors to test the solution’s effectiveness. With most other solutions on the market, this sort of auditing is not possible, or auditing for effectiveness is not easy.

Experience and reputation – USB Lock is an important part of the security arsenal for the most professional organisations.

In the market since 2006, and driven by a dedicated team behind it, USB Lock has been developed into a superb USB control tool that incorporates the requirements of real IT infrastructure engineers and IT security managers.

What are the biggest challenges that you help your customers to overcome?

JA: While restricting USB device access is a known capability with a few different methods and solutions on the market, USB Lock RP appeals to IT infrastructure administrators due to its ease of use and straightforward approach. And, while many existing solutions focus solely on the data loss prevention aspect, USB Lock RP focuses on both preventing data loss and preventing malware infection via the medium of removable media.

What are you most proud of as a brand?

JA: We’re proud to be USB Lock RP developer and licensor with responsive and robust backbone support.

Our outstanding 19 year-long security software evolution, sums up our efforts and dedication in providing the best tool to allow network infrastructure administrators, autonomous, effective, real-time control over removable media use.

As the author of the software and CEO of Advanced Systems International, I remain personally involved in expanding the software capability and keeping optimal business relations with our customers.

Are there any new products or product developments you’d like to share?

JA: Some of USB Lock RP latest included functions include:

Out list Diagnostic function – This allows users to send an ICMP packet (ping) to not-logged machines to diagnose client/machine availability to help identify client connectivity issues.

Our latest updates double the local authorisation capability to a total of 20 removable USB drives or smartphones to be approved with ease per machine, and they allow smartphones to be connected for charge only without blocking. Blocking occurs when set to transfer files (unless the smartphone is authorised.)

Latest updates also enable the entering/editing of custom notes to any Group device authorisations to ease identification.

Our Licensing Management panel shows the software maintenance expiry date and allows users to check if a new version is available, and the functionality means users can see in real-time when any locally authorised USB removable storage device is in use, whether it is connected or disconnected.

System-mode control operation – This enables 24/7 real-time USB security management, alerting and enforcement. This function automatically starts the control in system-mode while an admin-mode control is not running.

Offline alert logs – Blocked and authorised alert events happening while a client is disconnected from the control for any reason are automatically retrieved when the client reconnects to the control.

Our Bulk license recovery function panel allows users to recover licenses from unused machines, while the Clients Update function panel lets users update a client’s version from the control-side.

Could you tell me about any further developments we can look forward to in the future?

JA: We aim to continue to set the standard as a superior Removable Media Policy Control enforcement tool, designed to not only to comply with regulation, but to effectively protect our customer organisations’ systems and data.

In addition, we will continue to provide our technical support and guidance as usual. Our support response is second to none and communication with our customers is always a pleasure. When contacting the USB Lock RP team you can always expect a cordial, prompt and meaningful response.

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