VCA Technology unveil Search and Track for VCAforensics

VCA Technology

VCA Technology have announced their latest breakthrough with the introduction of Search and Track functionality to VCAforensics. This new feature can revolutionise how you approach video surveillance and investigations.

Search and Track offers a dynamic query option, allowing users to search for similar individuals based on either uploaded images or people already detected by our advanced analytics.

With three seamless ways to search for a person of interest, including entering specific details, selecting a person already in the scene, or uploading a JPEG image, finding your target has never been easier.

With Search and Track, you can now to click on a person of interest and search an entire network of cameras for the target or effortlessly upload an image to create a target.

Other benefits include:

• Utilisation of person descriptor metadata: VCA’s technology generates “person descriptor metadata,” enabling Forensics to measure similarity between the search query image and return only individuals that match in shape, colour, and texture, without the need for extensive user input.

• Effortless target creation: Simply select a person of interest from your video feed or upload a JPEG image from any source to create your target.

• Minimal hardware requirements, maximum results: Despite its powerful capabilities, Search and Track boasts minimal hardware requirements. VCA’s deep learning-based engine ensures quick and effective searches, saving you hours of valuable time.

Whether you’re in the midst of an investigation or seeking to enhance your surveillance capabilities, VCA’s Search and Track functionality is designed to streamline your processes and deliver unparalleled results.

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