Verimatrix to demo new app security technology at 2023 RSA Conference


Verimatrix will demo its latest Verimatrix XTD UX and design at this year’s RSA Conference, which takes place between April 24-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In RSA Conference booth 6473, the company will also be debuting its new microsite, as well as its new VMX Labs that provides cyber threat advisories, as well as insights and commentary from experts who investigate threat types and information helpful to application developers and even users.

“Today, apps themselves simply aren’t protected against cyber criminals, and if the connection between the app and the backend service is compromised, there’s a huge problem,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO at Verimatrix. “The only way to know if this compromise takes place is to use sensors inside your app that can alert you that your app was tampered, to allow you to take immediate action to block an attack and then fix the app vulnerability.

“Since apps are now being weaponised against enterprises, the attack surface has become significantly larger – including consumers’ unmanaged devices which can now be monitored by Verimatrix XTD without the use of additional installed software on the consumer’s device. We’re pleased to debut this technology at a world-renowned venue such as the RSA Conference.”


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