Videonetics unveils Intelligent VMS 3.0

Videonetics has launched the third generation of its Intelligent VMS. The manufacturer states that its video platform delivers a unified, next-generation user interface, military-grade security, unprecedented levels of high availability, and future-ready capabilities for any size of deployment across various verticals.

Building on more than a decade of research and development in the domain of video computing and artificial intelligence, Videonetics’ Intelligent VMS 3.0 encompasses multiple video computing services in a unified software architecture platform. Intelligent VMS 3.0 is a collaborative surveillance platform for operators to exchange messages and observations. It enables users to share camera views and import operator screens and chat room for discussions.

The video platform is stated to go beyond conventional map-based viewing to offer geo-fence based situational awareness. Users can draw a virtual fence with geo coordinates or only using the mouse to see relevant cameras within the fence with events of interest. Intelligent VMS 3.0 also comes with Neighborhood View. A camera can be defined as a master camera associated with a nearby camera to provide a complete view in any event of interest. It has integrations with map services such as Google Map and OpenStreetMap, to offer drag-and-drop cameras for alerts, archived, and live video feeds. The in-built pencil tool helps in associating the cameras on the map for quick geo-situational awareness.

The scalability of Intelligent VMS 3.0 is unlimited because of its architecture. Computing nodes can be provisioned as and when required, and they auto-register themselves to the system with minimum configuration. Many large enterprises and government organisations are now adopting cloud capabilities. Intelligent VMS 3.0 comes with built-in readiness for deploying over the cloud, be it a public, private, or a hybrid cloud. It is built on a cloud-agnostic stack to ensure that it can be deployed on any cloud. Its server resource orchestration technology, streaming service engine, and intelligent storage technology help the customer take full advantage of the cloud setup. Intelligent VMS 3.0 also comes with ready integrations with popular cloud service providers.

Intelligent VMS 3.0 comes with pre-integrated artificial intelligence and a deep learning framework called DeeperLook. This AI framework ensures deployment of video analytics use cases for various verticals. The framework offers more than 100 applications.

“Video management software has always been the backbone of an effective security system,” said Dr Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder and MD of Videonetics Technology. “The Intelligent VMS 3.0 brings a whole new user experience and supports security professionals in the management of safety while improving efficiency and reducing TCO. Intelligent VMS 3.0 is a solution that you can invest in today and be confident it will be your solution for the future.”


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