Videosoft goes global and launches FireBird F-100

Videosoft is taking its range of adaptive low bandwidth video streaming products global and introducing the FireBird F-100 compact, low bitrate video recorder, encoder and transmitter. The Videosoft suite of video streaming products, including the brand-new FireBird F-100, reportedly deliver high quality, low latency live video over unreliable or congested networks, including 4G mobile and satellite.

For the company;s Business Development Manager, Iain Janes, the Videosoft story is a global, but plain and simple one of listening to the market and providing what the market wants. “Bandwidth is the elephant in the room that people are only just beginning to fully appreciate that there are limitations to bandwidth when streaming video, even 5G can be problematic. We know it’s a massive issue, which is why we’ve done something about it. Many users assume that with 4G and 5G their CCTV problems are solved, but that’s not the case. In fact, a CCTV camera running multi MBps video will often be the first thing to drop off the network. With Videosoft you can run live video with minimal latency and good quality even at much lower bitrates than standard equipment – we think that’s something worth talking about.”

IT would appear that the market shares this view as Videosoft is reportedly receiving significant interest from around the globe. “Jointly, the team have years of unique experience and know precisely what the market needs,” said Janes. “We know that reliable real-time situational awareness is critical to operational success and life and death events.”

The manufacturer has also unveiled the FireBird F-100. Although the FireBird F-100 is primarily designed for low-bandwidth transmission (6kbps-500kbps), it can also stream a camera’s native output.

The FireBird F-100 measures x 47mm x and is primarily aimed at the Police/Homeland Security, Critical National Infrastructure, Defence and CCTV arenas. According to the manufacturer, it offers low bitrate video; reliable, intelligent transmission; ultra-low latency; video, audio, GPS and data streams; secure encrypted communications; and multiple simultaneous output streams.

“Videosoft is about easy to use low bandwidth, low latency, reliable, secure video delivery over low bandwidth and unreliable networks including mobile and satellite,” said Chief Executive Officer Stewart McCone. “Even at low bandwidths, from as little as 6kbps upwards, Videosoft products deliver quality real time, reliable video streams across a network. Because of the unique protocols our team have built into the software, latency is down to milliseconds and the video automatically adapts to the amount of bandwidth available on the network. This is critical in maintaining responsive and real-time streaming in any environment.”

For McCone, Videosoft’s raison d’etre is inextricably linked to the positive influence of Future Tech. “I’m a firm believer that Future Tech can provide real-world improvement,” he stated. “Standard tech just doesn’t suit today’s ever-changing environments, but with specialised tech including things such as AI, machine learning and blockchain, operational barriers can be removed or lowered. Tech like ours can deliver real-world change and using video and remote services to help make the world be a better, safer place.”


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