viisights proves to make smart cities smarter with line of behavioural recognition video analytics


viisights, Inc. is rapidly increasing its dominance within the video analytics market for smart cities with its Wise™ product offering for public security, safety, environmental health and urban mobility.

The company’s innovative behavioural recognition video understanding technology adds AI-driven intelligence to existing security cameras to automatically detect developing safety and security risks and raise near real-time alarms, thus making smart cities smarter.

This equates to added value in the form of enhanced operational efficiencies, improved quality of life for residents and safer, healthier and more secure environments.

“viisights’ analytics are already being used in some of the world’s largest smart cities, including Jerusalem, known for being one of the most culturally significant and sensitive cities in the world,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights. “Our success in such cities is just a testament to how our solutions can help cities of all sizes improve their public safety, security and economic development initiatives.”

viisights have a long list of deployments and within Israel alone, they were selected by more than a dozen cities of various sizes, including not only Jerusalem, but also Ashdod (the fourth largest city in Israel), Eilat, Ramat Hasharon, Bear Yacov, Lod and others.

Outside of Israel, the company has been selected for helping address challenging urban situations including León (the fourth largest city in Mexico) and refugee camps in Greece.

The viisights’ Wise solution provides intelligent real-time video analytics to identify violent activity, suspicious activity, crowd behaviour, traffic monitoring, urban mobility, environmental safety and more.

Through a combination of advanced AI, machine learning and deep learning, viisights behavioural recognition video analytics alert authorities when and if a threat is imminent or to a situation that requires immediate attention.


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