Westminster Property Ventures ensure safe return to work for its tenants with Genetec

Commercial real estate provider, Westminster Property Ventures, has made innovative use of a range of Genetec solutions to make each of its premises Covid-safe for staff, tenants and visitors. Westminster Property Ventures’ buildings house critical businesses such as international banks, law firms and consultancies which can be assured that amidst a global pandemic their offices remain highly secure and equipped for their return.

The newly introduced processes and technologies make smart use of Westminster Property Ventures’ existing video and access control infrastructure. For example, using the Genetec Mission Control collaborative decision management system, the real estate provider is collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, before guiding security operators in their response to routine and unanticipated situations. Among other current and critical capabilities, this helps ensure the seamless transition of out-of-hours monitoring between Westminster Property Ventures’ in-house security team and security provider Wilson James’s monitoring centre.

“Our clientele continue to expect the highest level of security and service from us whether or not they are currently choosing to work inside our buildings,” said Andrew Forbes-Jones, Facilities Manager, Westminster Property Ventures. “We’re grateful to Genetec and Wilson James for keeping us at the forefront of innovation and compliance in all aspects of our security and operations.”

Covid-19 has created new challenges for Westminster Property Ventures’ security and operations teams in maintaining a secure and safe environment for both home and remote workers, as well as those still working inside the facilities. Using the Genetec Security Center Synergis access control system, the company is taking advantage of many Covid-specific features developed over the last year to help it directly address the challenges of the pandemic.

Along with the system’s new occupancy management capability, Westminster Property Ventures has deployed the Genetec Synergis Proximity Report. Drawing data from the Synergis access control system, the solution allows the company to quickly identify individuals visiting one of its buildings who may have come in contact with someone who is known to have tested positive for Covid-19.

“I’m constantly impressed by the ability of our partners and end users to adapt quickly to changing requirements and bring the latest innovative solutions online to address them,” said Paul Dodds, Country Manager UK at Genetec. “Westminster Property Ventures’ rapid response to the challenges of the pandemic mirrors our own and validates our investments in technologies that can help make our workplaces safer, healthier and more secure.”



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