World Police Summit offers 25% discount for limited time

World Police Summit

The World Police summit is offering a 25% discount on a delegate pass if it is purchased before 14th November 2023. The Summit is taking place March 5 – 7, 2024, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In today’s swiftly changing world, law enforcement grapples with unparalleled challenges. Communities worldwide confront countless threats – from social unrest to cyber crimes. As technology advances, tools like predictive AI, drones, and data analysis become indispensable for maintaining safety. So, where can the global security community converge to leverage these breakthroughs? The World Police Summit.

Discover and adopt pioneering techniques and the latest technology to secure a safer future by joining the event as a delegate and gaining access to seven conferences with premier police forces from around the world. The conferences will cover strategic and technical disciplines, feature keynote and breakout sessions – all covering vital themes in 21st-century policing. Learn from front-line best practices and meet sector leaders shaping the future of policing worldwide.

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