Zaun expands portfolio with RDS Stronghold range

Zaun has launched the RDS Stronghold range, a system that incorporates a patent-pending adjustable system that can, according to the company, ‘plumb the posts.’ This means that a wider range of panel types can be mounted, including panels that must have accurately plumbed and positioned posts, while also being more pleasing to the eye.

Housed on the inside of the perimeter to remove any form of climbing aid or tripping hazard to the attack side for the fence, these 455kg steel-clad concrete bases provide overturning resistance, creating a strong, secure fence. In addition, the Stronghold range is compatible with all Zaun mesh systems, including Axiom 3D mesh, Optima, Duo, 358 and ArmaWeave.

Each 450mm x 900mm x 800mm concrete base is fixed to the post using the adjustable fixing system, allowing the fence to be installed on uneven ground, which keeps the posts plumb without the necessity to chock the blocks. 

The 358 mesh can be stepped or can be angled to follow the contour on the ground, in the latter case by overlapping the mesh to suit. Other panels, like Axiom for example, cannot overlap as the V beams would interfere, so these types of panels must be stepped on the plumb post.

Available with a variety of mesh types, including the 358 mesh, profile mesh and twin wire mesh.  Any chosen mesh can also be used subsequently as part of a permanent installation, without the need for new panels or may be used again and again on multiple temporary sites.


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