Zimperium supercharges its mobile-first security platform with no-code application shielding


Zimperium have announced the expansion of its application shielding solution with a no-code option. The no-code offering is designed for organisations that require fast time to market or have limited development resources.  

The new no-code application shielding offering joins the platform’s suite of mobile application security solutions aimed at empowering developers with effortless and robust app security across the application lifecycle.

The application security suite includes app scanning, app vetting, app hardening, cryptographic key protection, and runtime security. Together, the suite provides comprehensive in-app protection and dynamic threat visibility and response.

As app teams grapple with limited resources and increasing pressure to release secure applications quickly, this no-code application shielding option offers a viable alternative allowing app teams to apply essential protections in minutes.

It safeguards the application from potential exploitation, both when the app is available on public app stores and during runtime when it is being used on end-user devices.

This dual layer of protection enables developers to confidently avoid security tradeoffs that could lead to data theft and breaches post-release.

Fast, Easy Mobile Application Protection 

With growing mobile app security needs, limited capacity, and an urgency to expedite app deployment, no-code app shielding offers strong security with ease of use. Key benefits include:

  • Ease of Implementation: Simply upload your mobile application to enable protection
  • Essential Security: Prevention of reverse engineering, tampering, and credential theft on end-user devices, plus over-the-air updates and Zero-Day Protection
  • Balanced Approach: The platform is optimised for app size and performance, offering a seamless user experience without compromising security

“As today’s mobile-powered businesses continue to use and develop a diverse set of mobile apps, security must remain a critical step in the development of great applications. We understand the security challenges app teams face when dealing with capacity and timeline constraints to bring mobile apps to market fast,” said Shridhar Mittal, Chief Executive Officer, Zimperium. “Our platform’s full suite of robust application protection services provides app teams with security at every phase of modern application development—helping manage risks, and accelerate development and delivery of the mobile applications businesses rely on.” 

To learn more about how these new solutions further unify the mobile security function under one easy-to-use, mobile-first platform, visit the link here.


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