Zitko announce winner of #ZitkoH20 bottle competition


After a near year-long competition, the winner of the #ZitkoH2O bottle competition has been announced. Zitko gave out over 1000 bottles last year into the hands of their candidates, clients and of course the many visitors that came to their event stands at the likes of The Security Event and Security Twenty 22.

With that, Zitko’s bottles found themselves into some interesting places – delivery rooms, sunny beaches, backstage at the theatre, and even outside a Heineken factory.

But it wasn’t just Zitko’s network who took the bottles on their travels. Zitko consultant Chris Kendall’s bottle certainly earnt the most flight miles this year, making its way to and from Zitko’s office Cambridgeshire office down to the South coast and then off to Gibraltar, Belfast, Crete, and Egypt!

Zitko’s bottles also joined the US team on their trip to Las Vegas, and even on a few annual leave trips to the likes of the Maldives, Greece and Budapest.

There could only be one winner, and for 2022 that winner was Justin Thompson from Reliance High-Tech! His entry, from all the way up in the Andes (Peru), fought off his stiff competition making him the Zitko H2O champion and the recipient of the £1000 prize.

It all started with the onset of an ‘amazing competition’ – Justin’s words, not Zitko’s. Once the team at Reliance High-Tech received their bottles, a natural degree of competition ensued and of course, Justin had to beat his colleagues (namely, Pierre).

To do this, Justin got his thinking cap on and passed a bottle along to his friend Craig who was part of a group soon to be heading up the Andes in Peru. Of course, Craig obliged.

After nearly 12 hours on a plane and a 10+ hour bus ride in the blistering heat along rocky cliff edges, the team were well on their way to the top of the mountain. It didn’t stop there though.

The journey to the top spot takes travelling up and over another mountain before you even reach the correct base camp – a 4-day climb! But of course, this challenge was no match for the climbing team as they made their way, finally reach their goal and the location of the #ZitkoH2O winning shot.

Upon receipt of his winnings, Justin decided to split the money – part went to the climbers who made it all happen and the other to a local wildlife project through the committee that he chairs in Skelton.

The aims of this project are to restore a swampy pond back to its former glory, beautifying the area and supporting local flora and fauna so it can once again flourish.

Zitko Founder, George Zitko, wanted to make a statement about Justin and his win from Zitko H2O:

“I’m so pleased for Justin. Not only because we’ve worked together across a range of our products and solutions for both him and the wider Reliance business for a long time, but also because his picture was just seriously cool.

“When everyone at Zitko saw it, we knew instantly it would be tough for anyone to beat! It’s great the money has been used for such a worthwhile cause, and something that means so much to Justin and his community personally.”


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