Zitko releases market update

Zitko’s Founder and Managing Director, George Zitko gives the latest updates on the company as well as his insights on the current security market and recruitment fields

As I write this, the Prime Minister has just announced the delay in lifting lockdown for another four weeks. Whilst this won’t change the nation’s opinion overall, that the end of the pandemic is in sight, it will continue to have ramifications for recruitment in our industry and recruitment.

I previously reported that our industry, along with others, is seeing an unprecedented level of new vacancies. However, this isn’t matched by the number of candidates registering on websites, moving between jobs or looking for a new career. Today’s announcement will only continue to concern those candidates who have paused their career choices, meaning it will be just as hard, if not harder, to recruit over the next four to eight weeks as it has been throughout the whole of 2021.

There are two types of companies currently winning the hiring game. One type is overpaying for talent, and essentially buying the resource in. The other is investing in people training and development and looking to retain as well as recruit. Only one of these strategies is sustainable. It will be the companies who are training and developing their own people that will continue that success into 2022, while the others face financial difficulties and risk damage to their employer brand.

Elsewhere there is exciting news with the events season about to start up once more. At Zitko, we are attending all the SecurityTwentyOne (ST21) events starting at the end of June as we build up to the industry’s biggest event of the year – The Security Event (TSE) in September. We hope to bring the best of everything to these events by meeting and networking with clients and customers alike, and by using the event to drive the new generation of talent to our industry. Should you wish to arrange a meeting at any of these events, then simply get in touch with any of the Zitko team.

Finally, it gives me great pleasure to welcome two new hires to Zitko. Many of you may know Christopher Kendall, a highly experienced fire and security recruiter, who has joined us in our security team run by Emily Coates and has already got off to a flying start. Secondly, Tim Ward joins our international division. For those of you who don’t know Tim, he brings a wealth of experience across international recruitment, but is also known in the recruitment space as an RPO and managed service guru. I am excited about the impact both of these fantastic additions to the Zitko team will have for all our customers


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