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ZKTeco have revealed a new case study where they analyse requirements OTRA to integrate vehicle entrance control and digital parking management tools that result in real-time and accurate bookings, leading to increased income opportunities for truck parking stations operating across European highways.

The project is part of a broader integration project that begun in 2022 in Poland. Currently, ZKTeco Europe and OTRA are collaborating in projects in Spain and Germany.

The challenge

The trucking industry is an essential aspect of modern logistics, with truck drivers hauling goods across Europe. One of the major challenges that truck drivers face is finding safe and convenient parking spots for their trucks.

The project

The project consists of the integration of ZKTeco vehicle entrance control solutions, SPB Pro Parking, with the OTRA Park Manager app, to provide a seamless and secure parking experience for truck drivers, allowing them to book and pay for a parking spot in advance using their smartphones.

The app also aims to reduce the number of trucks parking illegally on public roads and highways, which can lead to traffic congestion and safety hazards. The initial project requirements are:

  • An entrance control system to manage vehicle access and identification to parking premises, supporting license plates from all EU countries.
  • An easy-to-use system that helps maximize security and avoid queues at checkpoints.
  • An LPR solution that can easily integrate with OTRA’s Park Manager App, payment and security system.
  • The implementation of GDPR-compliant technology guarantees the protection of user privacy.

System elements

Currently, the system features:

  • OTRA Park Manager App
  • ZKTeco SPB Pro Parking

Installation details

The current solution consists of the OTRA Park Manager App, a solution by OTRA designed to make it easier for truck drivers to book and pay for a parking spot at any time service stations, petrol stations, car parks or rest areas.

The OTRA Park Manager App has a user-friendly design that makes it easy for truck drivers to use. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded for free from the app stores.

To use the app, truck drivers need to create an account, which requires their name, email address, phone number, and truck license plate number.

The app allows truck drivers to search for parking spots near their location or their destination. They can choose a specific parking lot, select a parking spot, and book it for a specified time period. The app also allows truck drivers to pay for their parking spot using a credit card or a prepaid account.

The app is designed to work with our SPB Pro Parking LPR system, integrated with the app, which allows it to check license plates and authorise access to parking.

When a truck driver arrives at the parking lot, the ZKTeco LPR system scans the license plate, and the app confirms the booking and authorises access to the parking spot.

SPB Pro Parking is a powerful all-in-one integrated LPR solution based on a high-performance parking barrier, a vehicle detection radar, and a license plate recognition camera with embedded software, to fulfil all the requirements of advanced vehicle access control for parking systems and installation projects.

SPB Pro Parking consists of:

  • BG1000 Series Barrier Gate: A boom barrier with robust steel casing, superior reliability with 3 million cycles (MCBF), and interactive led design. Compatible with third-party items such as traffic lights or keypads.
  • VR10-Pro Vehicle Detection Radar: A vehicle detection radar designed to provide safety during the passage of vehicles or people. It offers a more flexible installation in comparison to inductive loops.
  • DL-852Q28B LPR Camera: A versatile license plate recognition camera with embedded software that ensures superior performance. Suitable for outdoor installation.

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