Zurich partners with Barrier Networks to offer enterprise Cyber Risk Assessments

Barrier Networks

Barrier Networks have announced it has launched a new partnership with Zurich Resilience Solutions, part of Zurich UK, to offer businesses technical cybersecurity services to help them improve their cyber resilience.

Cybercrime is a challenge all organisations face today, and a key pillar of their defences comes down to cyber insurance. These policies allow businesses to reclaim financial losses caused by attacks and recover third party costs associated with breaches, but to gain cover they must employ best security practices and demonstrate cyber resilience.

Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) provides underwriting assurance to underwriters to help them better understand cyber risk and exposures of client environments, as well as cyber risk and resilience advisory services to clients to improve cyber resilience.

Barrier Networks compliments ZRS internal cyber risk advisory services, offering technical expertise and services including penetration testing, managed cybersecurity services, assessment and consulting.

Speaking about the partnership, Ian McGowan – Managing Director of Barrier Networks – expressed his joy to be working with Zurich and believes that the partnership will help many organisations fare better with their cyber security.

“We are delighted to be working with such an established cyber insurance player as Zurich,” McGowan said. “Cybersecurity is an enormous task for most businesses and very few have the resources to manage it alone.

“Our partnership will help organisations overcome this challenge as we help them improve their security and tackle key issues to meet critical cyber insurance requirements.

“No organisation can gamble with their cyber defences today and through our partnership we will be arming more businesses with the skills and expertise they need to stay secure.”

The partnership will not only focus on enterprise security, but it will also cater to organisations running Operational Technology in critical industrial environments.

These organisations have come under increased threat from cybercrime recently and Barrier Networks and Zurich will help meet these needs by helping them reduce the risk of data breaches that could be caused by unidentified cybersecurity issues.

Adding further comment, Arunava Banerjee, Cyber Risk Consulting Lead at Zurich Resilience Solutions, said that the partnership is a huge boost given the nature of cyber risk at present.

“This partnership will further strengthen the suite of cyber risk advisory services we offer to customers,” Banerjee said. “Cyber risk is a critical threat facing companies of all sizes.

“By strengthening their cyber defences, we can help businesses to both reduce their exposure to attacks and better navigate the present hard market for insurance cover.


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