Alcatraz AI set to showcase new solutions at Connect:ID

Alcatraz AI will showcase its product, the Rock, at this year’s Connect:ID (Booth 309), taking place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre in Washington, D.C. on October 5-6.

Alcatraz AI’s Rock is powered by machine learning and operates autonomously to recognise your face as your credential, creating a seamless interaction between the individual and the Rock. The innovative technology solves the challenge of securing buildings and minimising friction without impeding the movement of people because of its precise and fast authentication.

The Rock also minimises touch points and provides face mask verification to ensure COVID safety. The Rock’s technology is built to work anywhere – in data centres, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, financial institutions, stadiums, and more.

Alcatraz AI’s Rock, which combines advanced AI and 3D sensing technologies that provide facilities with enterprise-grade identity verification, is compliant with ONVIF standards. ONVIF certification allows Alcatraz AI to bridge the gap between access control and video management with a single device. Alcatraz AI’s Rock can function as an ONVIF camera and is certified with Profile S and Profile T to provide IP-based video streaming.

The Rock has can reportedly mitigate tailgating by detecting breaches in real-time and then preventing them. The solution can be configured to send an alert to the access control system (ACS) when an unauthorised user follows an authenticated user through a door. Alcatraz provides data on tailgating hotspots to support employers’ policy and stop breaches to ultimately modify physical security and access control.

“Our technologies provide a seamless solution to the most pressing security issues companies and organisations are facing today,” said Tina D’Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI. “As this is our first time participating in Connect:ID, we are looking forward to showcasing the unique capabilities of the Alcatraz AI’s access control technology to Connect:ID attendees.”


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