ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion Door Closers help keep staff-only areas separate and secure


When the University Station in Birmingham, England needed to be brought up to date, ASSA ABLOY were on hand to help with their Cam-Motion Door Closers.

Only one UK mainline station has ever been built specifically for a higher-education institution: University Station, Birmingham, inaugurated in 1978. In 2023 it was completely reimagined to meet the needs of 21st-century passengers and railway staff.

The rebuild’s aim was to improve facilities; offer greater passenger capacity; and boost ease of use, including barrier-free access for all. To achieve these goals, the new station required certified doorsets to meet stringent standards, including for fire safety.

Firstly, all key openings needed a durable closing solution which is equipped to deal with high levels of daily traffic. Passenger numbers are expected to grow significantly over the next 40 years.

“When it comes to a building like University Station that has a high footfall, we needed a safe and secure solution for the public that could withstand heavy traffic,” explains Phil Wood MCIOB, Senior Project Manager at the project’s building contractor, VolkerFitzpatrick.

Their doors and door technology must combine comfortable user movement with secure closing. Their choice of door supplier was critical: Project managers wanted a supplier with experience providing specification support to contractors and architects, as well as an installation service to ensure all doors and door closers are deployed accurately.

At several openings, Cam-Motion Door Closers were chosen for their comfortable access and reliable closing. The new station is a busy public space but also has restricted, staff-only areas. The door solution helps to keep employees safe at work without slowing down their daily work.

Specification and installation support from ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY’s specification team worked with architects to create an accurate door hardware schedule for VolkerFitzpatrick. They prepared specification briefs and complete door solutions for internal timber and external steel doors.

Furthermore, “ASSA ABLOY helped us with their two-pronged approach, not only specifying a compliant solution but also fitting the doors,” adds Phil Wood.

In combination with ASSA ABLOY Safeguard doors – which resist forced entry via mechanical or powered tools – the fire-compliant doorset was completed with an ASSA ABLOY DC500A Cam-Motion Door Closer.

The advantage of Cam-Motion technology

Door closers with ASSA ABLOY’s unique Cam-Motion technology shut reliably behind everyone who passes through. This is critical to separating station public areas from staff-only zones.

The installer can set individual latch and closing speeds, so high closing force works alongside easy opening. And because valves are independent, metal and thermo-resistant, these settings remain until intentionally modified – even at extreme temperatures and faced with wind pressure or air suction.

These door closers also maximise specification and installation flexibility. A symmetric cam design allows fitting to either frame or door, and on hinge or non-hinge side; no compromises or installer workarounds are needed.

In meeting important accessibility criteria, they also do not sacrifice durability or fire resistance. All ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion devices are tested to EN 1154 standard for fire and smoke protection.

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