Astrophysics earns ISO 14001 certification for environmental management

Astrophysics has been granted ISO 14001 certification, highlighting its commitment to implement and maintain environmental management systems. The x-ray scanner manufacturer already has ISO 9001 certification and states that the combination of the two demonstrates its dedication to quality production processes, environmental policies and the continual improvement of each.

ISO 14001 focuses on environmentally responsible production by helping companies in three key ways: minimising the negative environmental impacts of their operations and processes; ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations and environmental requirements; and regularly re-evaluating and improving these efforts.

ISO 14001 guidelines provide a set of standards that organisations use to develop environmental management systems (EMS). The EMS serves as both a road map and confirmation that ISO-certified companies are meeting these environmental standards. The EMS is part of companies’ overall management system and touches all aspects of the business: organisational structure, planning activities, procedures, processes and resources for implementing and maintaining the environmental policy. The basic principles of an EMS are based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, which encourages continuous evaluations of and improvements to the environmental policy.

For the business, ISO certifications tend to generate cost savings. With ISO 14001, an effective EMS helps reduce waste and improve resource efficiency. It also reduces the complexity and challenges that come with maintaining multiple sets of procedures. The cost savings also come from increased conformance with business standards. ISO certifications help businesses meet domestic and international regulatory requirements, reducing their risks of costly fines.

Astrophysics states that its certifications fortify and demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes, while aligning with its innovation ideals.


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