AT&T announces new offering in partnership with Cisco Meraki

AT&T is introducing AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki, designed to provide businesses of nearly any size and industry with a powerful networking and security offering. This new managed service helps organisations improve network performance, enable resilient access and defend sensitive data. The service also helps protect against unauthorised use and loss. It does this while delivering flexibility for customers as their networking environments evolve due to business growth, location expansion and changes in strategy.  

The need for reliable, high-performance connectivity has never been greater. The growth of hybrid work environments means organisations are connecting people, places and devices, enabling users to connect and collaborate at nearly any time, from nearly anywhere. Organisations also rely on a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to drive efficiency, from security cameras to medical devices and manufacturing equipment.

This explosion of connectivity makes preparing for and addressing cybersecurity threats a critical challenge, especially for sophisticated enterprises. But small and medium-sized businesses are also common targets for cybercriminals, and a lack of expertise and resources make them particularly vulnerable. In fact, 60% of SMBs cease operations within 6 months following a cyberattack. 

AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki combines leading services to provide businesses of nearly any size with an effective way to achieve highly secure and reliable access and with cloud-based security and SD-WAN capabilities to help protect users from malicious web-based threats. These services include AT&T Business Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki for a cloud-managed networking solution; AT&T Secure Remote Access with Cisco for zero-trust network access; and AT&T Secure Web Gateway with Cisco for secure internet and cloud app access.  

“In network connectivity and security, there is often little margin for error. For many businesses, the expertise to get it right is hard to come by. AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki is a completely managed service that puts our experts in the driver’s seat giving growth-oriented businesses an integrated solution that can address their needs today, and scale up right alongside them going forward.”- Danessa Lambdin, Vice President, AT&T Cybersecurity 

“Businesses looking to deploy cloud security across distributed locations must be able to do so in a simple, scalable, and reliable way. The AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki service offers customers a seamless onramp to their SASE journey with a fully integrated networking and security offering, ultimately protecting users against internet-based threats both on and off the network.” – Lawrence Huang, Vice President, Product Management at Cisco Meraki


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