barox Ethernet PoE switches approved to power Redvision X4 COMMANDER PTZ camera

barox Kommunikation AG, has been selected by UK camera manufacturer Redvision as a key technical partner. In the partnership, barox are providing uninterrupted, reliable PoE and reporting for Redvision’s industry leading X4 COMMANDER rugged, ball PTZ camera, including on-board illumination.

The barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME 4-port 90W 802.3bt Industrial switch is now proven capable of powering the X4 COMMANDER and its ancillaries with uninterrupted, switchable power. The first and only switch to be approved with the ability to provide PoE Mode B power to Redvision camera technology, this means end-users can be assured of reliable camera operation combined with remote on/off switching capability via VMS (Video Management Software) – for instant and service-free device reset.

Previously, when using a power injector device, reset can only be achieved manually by sending engineers to site. “On losing mains power supply, CCTV systems can provide temporary back-up power via a UPS battery pack,” explains Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “However, if the loss of mains power is prolonged, the local battery power can become depleted and the system blacks out.

“In this scenario, it would be ideal to prevent the total loss of power and system down-time by remotely switching off certain cameras and/or illuminators – to conserve battery energy and maintain the operation of critical devices. Unlike with simple network PoE injectors, employing the technical pairing of barox switches and their efficient PoE management, non-critical cameras or Illuminators can be automatically switched off, to extend battery autonomy.”

In operation, The Redvision X4 COMMANDER cameras are designed for tough, outdoor, surveillance applications. The X4 COMMANDER uses advanced production techniques and state-of-the-art technology to offer a world-class, rugged CCTV camera with a best-in-class, feature set. The unit’s die-cast alluminum body is pre-treated before being powder coated – making the camera environmentally tough and resistant to malicious attack or vandalism.

Powered by barox technology, the X4 COMMANDER features High-PoE, 60W (90W with illuminators) option, means a simple plug and play installation experience, utilising easy connectivity via the RJ45 socket in the base of the camera, operating over a full 100m Cat 5e span.

“We are delighted to confirm that the latest LT-LPITE-402GBTME Industrial switch with management and 802.3bt standard per-port PoE is proved to provide fantastic performance in powering the X4 COMMANDER up to 90W,” says Rudolf Rohr; “This provides our customers the flexibility of powering multiple PoE cameras, with the added benefit of management via VMS or PSIM solutions, which has up to now not been an option with the use of power injectors to power the X4 COMMANDER.

“The LT-LPITE-402GBTME has been specially developed for applications with high data loads, e.g. video over IP, video streaming also in connection with multicast. Thanks to 802.3bt standard per-port PoE up to 90W, IP cameras with high power requirements can be supplied via the data cable. The robust construction, the wide operating temperature range, compact design and the reduced number of ports make this switch ideal for outdoor use. With the extensive management options, even complex network requirements can be met.”

The Redvision X4 COMMANDER camera is constantly monitored by the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME. In case of any interruption to the camera’s functionality, the unit automatically restarts the camera. If this is not possible the LT-LPITE-402GBTME then alarms by SNMP.

Additionally, active management of the PoE-performance by the LT-LPITE-402GBTME ensures that in case of sudden excessive power consumption by the camera no matter what the reason, the switch also alarms by SNMP.

As an example, each barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME switch can power up to four X4 COMMANDER cameras, including accessories, (such as white light and Infrared LED illuminators), and provide reliable management and reporting. This, along with the ability to monitor and operate energy management for all connected devices across the network, means cameras can be remotely rebooted, without the need for an engineer to visit a site to physically unplug a power injector to re-boot a camera. So, the barox switch can proactively save valuable time and money, and vastly reduces network down-time throughout the lifetime of the system.

Additionally, unlike with generic data switches from other manufacturers, barox video switches are specifically designed for the high demands of video security networks and include sophisticated built-in cyber security, with strong network hygiene. barox cyber security features range from Sticky IP, to embedded firewall functions and above all, include peace-of-mind, with barox being a ISO27000 certified manufacturing company.

Already deployed in combination with the X4 COMMANDER camera within many key Town Centre, Shopping Centre, Highways, Rail, Power, Water, Prison and Critical National Infrastructure applications, the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME offers installers a reliable solution to providing robust high-power Mode B PoE, to meet the camera’s high PoE requirements.

“The deployment of barox technology alongside the X4 COMMANDER camera range has seen two leading brands combine to bring a tried and tested solution to the market,” says Guy Hucker, Operations Manager Redvision CCTV. “We are already seeing our biggest customers use the combination – deploying cameras in groups of three with redundancy supplied via the barox LT-LPITE-402GBTME’s 4- port capability. With time, cost and space saved versus the previous use of 4 injectors to power the cameras.

“The benefits of robust high-power Mode B PoE across a range of temperature conditions, advanced cybersecurity, and simple installation and set-up, has made barox technology the perfect partner for the X4 COMMANDER™ across installations throughout the UK and into Europe.”


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