Biometrics deliver added benefits to residential estates

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

For years, South African estates have enjoyed the convenience and security of contact biometric technologies, and now they have evolved to offer contactless options for more than access control.

Residential estates in South Africa are a big phenomenon. They are places designed for people aspiring to live within a community where they can grow families and friendships. In a country where crime statistics are unfortunately all but flattering, one of the advantages of residential estates over free-standing houses is security. To that effect, the most successful estates mimic villages or small cities. To ensure a seamless experience for their residents, residential estates need to control three distinct areas: entrances, the inside world and the outside world.

Through entrance and exit gates, estates must ensure that only authorised people go in and out. Access control has transformed over the past few decades, as convenient but unsecure cards gave way to more robust biometric systems. For years now, South Africans have enjoyed the convenience and security of contact biometric technologies. Unlike cards, one cannot lose, give or borrow fingerprints. (…)

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