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After a very promising in-person gathering in Rotterdam last month, ASIS Europe are now gearing up for the final online event of ASIS Europe 2023, which takes place on 27 April from 15.00–16.20 CEST (14.00–15.20 BST / 16.00–17.20 EEST). 

The event will give you access to an expert session and live Q&A, with the topic being: Cyber Security Essentials for Physical Security & Business Managers.

Seen as one of the highest rated sessions in Rotterdam, this presentation by Rinske Geerlings and Professor Sicco Santema will be followed by a live Q&A with conference co-chair Gavin Henderson.

After the this session you have the choice between two topics:

Securing Paris 2024: Navigating Risk and Security Challenges for a Successful Summer Olympics with Chris Clough , Senior Intelligence Analyst, Crisis24 and Matt Spring ,Vice-President, Operations, Global Protective Solutions, Crisis24

Traveller Communications with Shaun Boulter, Global Head Operations & Security – Corporate Mobility, AXA Partners UK

Your free pass also gives access to the content of the previous online day that you can view on-demand.

Register for your free pass here.


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