BRINC discuss drone technology in new podcast and webinar

BRINC Founder and CEO, Blake Resnick, conveys the importance of drone safety during his interview on the DroneResponders podcast, Drones: A World-Changing Technology. Resnick, who has spearheaded drone technology that is helping change the world for first responders, discusses his humble beginnings, the evolution of drones and gives insight on the future.

In the podcast, Resnick:

  1. Discusses the first prototype of his drone and mistakes he made
  2. Reflects on the importance of having a close relationship with customers
  3. Sheds light on some of the major updates that have been made to they system
  4. Gives insight on his time spent with the SWAT and the Las Vegas Police Department

The podcast showcases Resnick’s personality and commitment to improving public safety and touches on his vision for the future of drones which includes responding to critical incidents within minutes.

In the webinar, Will Huddler, a former Tactical Commander for SWAT, discusses the history of drones in the police department and looks ahead to what he believes the future should look like.

According to Huddler, he was approached by BRINC Drones Founder and CEO Blake Resnick, following a mass casualty incident at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1, 2017. In that tragedy, an armed assailant victimized hundreds of concert attendees and their families. Like Resnick, Huddler says the tragedy motivated public safety leaders to find a way to improve public safety through leveraging technology.

The webinar:

  1. Shows the LEMUR S drone and explains its main features
  2. Reflects on how law enforcement’s take on drones has evolved
  3. Addresses common concerns about drone durability and effectiveness
  4. Examines the financial risks and implications of purchasing drone technology 

Click here to listen to the podcast

Click here to watch the webinar


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