Closed Door Security receives CREST Penetration Testing accreditation

Closed Door Security has been accredited by the professional certification board CREST, as being a trusted and expert provider of cybersecurity penetration testing. The accreditation demonstrates that CREST recognises the company as a trusted, qualified and competent provider of penetration testing, that possess the skills and expertise required to work with UK government agencies and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

“We are delighted to receive this important stamp of approval as it provides independent validation of our skills and expertise. Today, all organisations are at a heightened risk of cyberattacks, and as they continue to adopt hybrid working this is expanding their attack surface and creating new opportunities for cybercriminals. Penetration testing is a great way to conquer this threat as it provides a hands-on security audit of an organisation’s network through manual and automated checks. This helps unearth weaknesses in systems, so they can be mitigated before attackers can exploit them maliciously,” said William Wright, CEO of Closed Door Security.

CREST provides internationally recognised accreditation for organisations and individuals providing penetration testing, cyber incident response and threat intelligence services. CREST has developed and implemented a rigorous accreditation process and it has been designed to define good practice within the industry and to provide buyers with an indication of high quality.

“This recognition from CREST reinforces our position as a trusted and expert provider of security penetration testing. It will enable us to reach more customers within the private and public sectors, helping them improve security while closing doors on malicious attackers looking to steal data and cause harm,” continued Wright.  


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