Counter Terror Expo (CTX) looks forward to welcoming delegates under the banner – Countering Tomorrow’s Threats, Today

CTX 2024

Organisers of the Counter Terror Expo (CTX 2024) are looking forward to welcoming delegates to the show, taking place from June 19-20 at ExCeL London, where professionals from industry, infrastructure, government and policing will be united to explore the latest counter-terrorism technologies and solutions.

The event allows the development of new ideas and strategies to combat the latest threats facing the UK and its international partners, and offers a packed programme full of insight, that is sure to be useful to attendees.

The programme includes a keynote address from Dominic Murphy QPM, Commander of SO15, followed by a panel discussion on whether the CONTEST strategy nimble enough to cope with the current multi-faceted terrorist threat. This will be moderated by Nick Aldworth, Director for Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence and Risk at Carlisle Support Services.

Panellists will include Dominic Murphy QPM, Commander CTC, Shaun Hipgrave, who is Director of CONTEST Protect & Prepare, HSG, Home Office and Michael Atkins – Director of Legal, Parole Board. More panellists will be announced.

Another CTX panel discussion will focus on how the Israel/Hamas conflict changed the narrative for PREVENT. This discussion will be moderated by Lizzie Dearden, and panellists will include DCS Maria Lovegrove, Head of Prevent and CT Nominal Management at CTP, Dr Craig McCann, Director of S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. Universal Ltd, plus David Toube and Ghaffar Hussain

The third panel discussion on the day will focus on radicalisation and extremism, asking whether this is the new global pandemic, and how we prepare for it.

Charlotte Littlewood, a Senior Research Associate for The Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life, Cecilia Polizzi, the Founding President/CEO at the CRTG Working Group, and Zoe Manzi, a Hate & Extremism Analyst from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue will be on this panel

A final discussion, moderated by Nick Aldworth, the Director for Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence and Risk at Carlisle Support Services, will focus on PROTECT Duty and ask how Martyn’s Law can support best practice in protective security.

Richard Flint MSyI, Technical and Commercial Lead for Physical Security – BRE, Figen Murray OBE, Russ Phillips, Counter Terrorism and Risk Director at Crowdguard, Barry Palmer BEM BSc (hons) CBCI MSyI ASMS LCFS, Chairperson of TINYg UK, Chris Medhurst-Cocksworth, Head of Pool Re Solutions, and James Sarner, Founder & Managing Director of JMS Risk Solutions will all be on that panel.

Day 2

Day 2 will begin in with a keynote address from Jonathan Hall KC and the first panel discussion of the day will focus on how to prevent and undermine terrorist information operations, including online disinformation efforts. This talk will be moderated by Harry Hornsby, Senior OSINT Specialist at Tadaweb, and panellists will include Adam Hadley, CEO at QuantSpark and Executive Director at Tech Against Terrorism, Dr Jens Binder, Associate Professor of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, Victoria Smith, Chief Strategist at the DISARM Foundation and Tim Evans, Customer Engagement Manager – International Public Sector at Dataminr.

The final panel discussion of the event will talk about the realities of a terrorist attack, and ask whether you can pursue a normal life as a survivor. This will be moderated by Travis Frain OBE and panellists will include, Dr Cath Hill, Lecturer of Lancashire University, Darryn Frost QGM, Founder of Own Merit CIC, Christian Fisher and Sarri Singer, Founder and Director of Strength to Strength.

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