Dallmeier to present video technology innovations at ACI-NA Airports@Work Conference

From 25 to 28 April 2022, Dallmeier electronic will present video information technologies for TSA, gateway operations, customer service and co. at the ACI-NA Airports@Work Conference in Kansas City, MO.

From systems for apron and runway surveillance through the acquisition and integration of flight data into video systems to complete “virtual tower” solutions – Dallmeier offers a wide range of video-based solutions for the most diverse airport areas. The manufacturer’s patented Panomera multifocal sensor technology is at the heart of these solutions.

Panomera intelligently combines the images from up to seven detail sensors and one overview sensor in one camera system to form a high-resolution overall image of the object area, so that even the widest areas and most extensive surfaces can be captured with a minimum number of cameras in a precisely defined resolution. For example, two Panomera systems are sufficient to keep an entire runway with a length of 4 km comfortably in view. This greatly simplifies airside operations such as taxiway monitoring, regular runway inspections or automated detection and classification of “unauthorised objects” on take-off and landing lanes, as well as monitoring and optimising the utilisation of de-icing systems.

Dallmeier also offers a whole range of innovations for landside airport operations. The solutions, for example, (partially) automate the tracking of so-called “returnees” in the security area, the object classification with the help of AI-based video analysis enables a variety of analysis applications, such as “loitering detection”, people counting, support in parking management, a reduction in false alarms at the perimeter and much more. The result is efficient operations and maximum security in terminals, car parks and perimeters.

“With Panomera & HEMISPHERE, security and process managers have a versatile portfolio of innovative video security solutions for landside & airside airport operations available at hand,” explains Imran Rahmani, Business Development Manager at Dallmeier USA. “At the same time, all systems are adaptable and expandable in the long term due to their open system architecture and scalability even beyond the final expansion. This not only increases security in the individual areas, but also ensures comprehensive investment protection.”

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