Securiton and Dallmeier announce video security partnership

Dallmaeir Securiton

Securiton have announced an exciting new partnership as they are now integrating the Panomera and Domera camera systems from Dallmeier into their portfolio.

The news is a huge boost for Securiton in the field of video security and by merging the Dallmeier products under their umbrella, it will allow them to really focus on markets of commercial and industrial customers of all sizes, critical infrastructure and the military, sports facilities, logistics companies and many other industries in the B2B sector.

The Dallmeier Panomera multifocal sensor cameras will form the core of many Securiton solutions and by combining several video sensors with different focal lengths, Panomera will reduce the number of cameras required many times over compared to conventional solutions. The result is a unique cost-benefit ratio through perfect overview and lower total cost of ownership.

Despite that, Securiton have also opted for the recently introduced Domera camera family and thanks to a sophisticated, modular system, the experts at Securiton can cover over 90% of all common video security requirements with just a few components.

Fine adjustment and readjustment can be carried out remotely (Dallmeier RPoD-Remote Positioning Dome) as mounting is standardised and requires only one tool.

Just as with the Panomera systems, the modular design and easy handling of the Domera system ensure savings in all project areas – from implementation to infrastructure and civil engineering to ongoing operating costs.

Speaking about the partnership, Thomas Adler – the Key Account Manager at Securiton – explained that following feedback from their customers, who are expressing worry about the current state of affairs, action was necessary and that he is delighted to get something in place with a company of Dallmeier’s stature.

“Our customers are increasingly concerned with the effects of the global political situation and the resulting new threat scenarios – key words cybersecurity and data protection.,” Adler said. “Against the backdrop of increasingly faltering supply chains, the manufacturer with ‘Made in Germany’ not only offers our customers qualitative advantages.

“Against this background, the partnership with Dallmeier marks a milestone for us. In addition to the absolutely convincing quality at a favourable total cost of ownership – even compared to products from low-wage countries – our customers can rely on guaranteed highest standards in cybersecurity, data protection and ethics with the Panomera cameras from Dallmeier.


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